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What type of level of measurement is age?

Age is, technically, continuous and ratio. A person's age does, after all, have a meaningful zero point (birth) and is continuous if you measure it precisely enough. It is meaningful to say that someone (or something) is 7.28 year old.

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Keeping this in view, is age nominal or ordinal?

There is no order associated with values on nominal variables. [Ratio] Age is at the ratio level of measurement because it has an absolute zero value and the difference between values is meaningful. For example, a person who is 20 years old has lived (since birth) half as long as a person who is 40 years old.

Additionally, is age an ordinal variable? To remember this variable type, think ordinal = order. For example, an age variable measured continuously could have a value of 23.487 years old—if you wanted to get that specific! A continuous variable is considered ratio if it has a meaningful zero point (i.e., as in age or distance).

Keeping this in view, what type of measurement scale is age?

ratio scale

Is year a ratio or interval?

Interval and ratio are the two highest levels of measurement in Stevens' original system. Unlike nominal- and ordinal-level data, which are qualitative in nature, interval- and ratio-level data are quantitative. Examples of interval level data include temperature and year.

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