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What type of leaves do apple trees have?

All apple tree leaves have three features in common: they are deciduous, grow in an alternate fashion on the branches and have toothed margins. If the leaves have these properties, then they might be apple tree leaves.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, do apple trees get leaves or flowers first?

Even while they're seemingly inactive, apple trees are preparing their buds for the burst of leaf and bud growth to come. When the first hints of warm weather arrive, the leaves emerge from their buds, followed by the apple's colorful and fragrant blooms.

Also Know, can you eat apple tree leaves? Apple tree leaves are edible and have cooling and astringent properties. Like most woody plant leaves, apple tree leaves are high in fibre, which is the amount of cellulose and lignin that are in the plant. They are hard at work breaking down the rotting wood.

Similarly, it is asked, how many leaves does an apple tree have?

Most apple cultivars require 80 to 90 square inches of healthy green leaves to support one, 3 inch-diameter apple. This is equivalent to 10 mature leaves per fruit for a tree grafted onto a M.

What does an apple leaf look like?

All apple tree leaves are bright to dark green on the upper surface, and a duller silver-grayish green on the lower surface. Some apple tree leaves, like those of the sweet crab apple tree, are a yellow-green, while those of a prairie crab apple tree are a shiny green with a subtler hue of green underneath.

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