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What type of electrolyte is BaSO4?

Identifying Strong Electrolytes (AP students)
plumbous sulfate PbSO4 - insoluble
strontium sulfide SrS - strong
barium sulfate BaSO4 - insoluble
cuprous fluoride CuF - insoluble

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Similarly one may ask, is barium sulfate an electrolyte?

Barium sulfate is an ionic compound. Explain why it does not conduct electricity. Sample answer: Barium sulfate is not soluble in water, so no ions are present to conduct electricity.

Additionally, is h2so3 an electrolyte? Weak Electrolytes: – All other acids are weak acids/weak electrolytes: HF, HC2H3O2, HNO2, H2SO3, etc. Nonelectrolytes: – Molecular compounds (except for acids): water, sugar, most organic compounds, etc.

Considering this, what type of electrolyte is h2co3?

A) H2CO3 is a weak electrolyte.

Is Sugar an electrolyte?

Strong electrolytes are substances that completely break apart into ions when dissolved. The most familiar example of a strong electrolyte is table salt, sodium chloride. Sugar, for example, dissolves readily in water, but remains in the water as molecules, not as ions. Sugar is classified as a non-electrolyte.

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