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What trophic level is a Venus fly trap?

They are primary consumers on the 2nd trophic level when they eat berries and they are secondary consumers on the 3rd trophic level when they eat fish! How about a Venus Fly Trap?

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Regarding this, is a Venus flytrap a consumer?

A Venus Flytrap is a producer. You see, the flytrap does not really EAT the insects that it catches. However, they do not use the insects for food. They produce their own food through photosynthesis, just like other plants.

Furthermore, what trophic level are carnivorous plants? Technically it's a primary producer (first level), because they don't eat the insect for their survival (like real insectivores). They take the basic components from the environment like other plants and uses light to transform them into biomolecules.

Correspondingly, what eats a Venus fly trap?

Although Venus Flytraps can digest insects, they are not considered a poisonous plant. In the their native area of the Carolinas, rodents like raccoons, squirrels, and bluejays can be predators; insects like aphids, and spider mites can be a problem for these plants.

Is a Venus flytrap a Photoheterotroph?

Definition. A Venus flytrap is a carnivorous autotroph. Unlike heterotrophs, it can harness sunlight for energy. The flies are important but not essential to its survival.

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