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What treated pine?

Treated Pine is timber that has been permeated with a chemical solution, giving it a long-term resistance to decay, insects, and other deteriorating factors. This effective and lasting protection enables timber to be used in many applications including pergolas, decks, cladding, retaining walls, posts, and poles.

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Similarly, you may ask, what is used in treated pine?

Copper chrome arsenate (CCA) treated timber is wood that has been treated with a preservative containing copper, chromium and arsenic. This is why, in the past, CCA treated timber was commonly used in decking, playground equipment, fences, retaining walls, jetties and vineyards.

One may also ask, what is h4 treated pine? H4 treatment allows the timber to be used in outside, in-ground applications. It is often used for fence posts, in-ground pergola posts and landscaping timbers. It is often used for fence posts, in-ground pergola posts and landscaping timbers. pdf_file: shortdescription: H4 Treated Pine is for outside, in-ground use.

Consequently, how long does h4 treated pine last?

30 years

Is it safe to sand treated pine?

Don't sand H4 treated pine, it's poisonous. Especially don't sand with a sanding machine. You don't want to breathe that dust in. LOSP treated is a little less poisonous but not by much.

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