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What town is Delaware Park in?

Delaware Park (also known as DelPark) is an American thoroughbred horse racing track, casino, and golf course in Stanton, Delaware. It is located just outside the city of Wilmington, and about 30 miles from Philadelphia.

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People also ask, who owns Delaware Park?

William Rickman

Subsequently, question is, is there Horse Racing at Delaware Park today? Wilmington, Del., January 22, 2020 — Delaware Park has announced an 85-day meet for the upcoming 83rd season of live racing after receiving approval from the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission today. Live racing will be conducted Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.

In this manner, how do I get to Delaware Park?

There are three entrances to Delaware Park: The Kirkwood Entrance is accessible from Kirkwood Highway (Route 2). There is no shuttle bus to the parking area and there is no valet parking. There is handicapped parking area but to reach the Casino or Racetrack you must walk through a tunnel under the railroad.

Is Delaware Park non smoking?

Under State law, smoking is prohibited in any indoor facility. We do offer, however, comfortable areas outside the Slots parlor, where smoking is permitted.

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