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What time of year should you trim Bradford pear trees?

Be aware that the best time to prune or trim a Bradford will be when it goes into dormancy around the fall. Spring and summer is when new growth occurs, so only trim and prune then if there are branches getting close to the roof or power lines, or in the case of fruit about fall on the yard.

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Accordingly, how do you prune a Bradford pear tree?

Bradford Pear – Pruning

  1. Take out any branch that is dead or dying.
  2. Select the strongest and/or tallest trunk in the center of the tree to be your central leader.
  3. Prune out the weaker of any two branches along the central trunk that have sprouted within 15 inches of each other.

Furthermore, should I cut down my Bradford pear tree? The South Carolina Forestry Commission has cautioned against planting the trees: “Do not plant Callery or Bradford pear. Trees should be cut and stumps immediately treated with herbicides to eliminate sprouting response.”

Likewise, people ask, can you trim Bradford pear trees in the summer?

Pruning Bradford Pears But you'll have to stay on top of your ornamental pear, pruning it every single year just after it goes into dormancy. Start when the tree is young for best results. New growth occurs in spring and summer, so you don't want to prune much then.

How do you keep Bradford pear trees from splitting?

Prune Branches to Prevent Splitting Bradford pears should be pruned to have a strong, central leader trunk; and well-spaced, widely angled branches of 45 degrees or more. When pruning Bradford pear trees: Remove sucker limbs. Thin out rubbing or closely-spaced branches.

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