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What time does Beech Mountain Open?

We will open for skiing and snowboarding on Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 2019! The resort will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

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Also question is, how many slopes are open at Beech Mountain?

Mountain Stats Beech Mountain Resort opened in 1967 and is the highest ski area in Eastern America, featuring 15 trails and 8 lifts.

Additionally, how much does it cost to ski at Beech Mountain? Single Day Ticket Prices – 2019/2020 Pricing

Session Times Weekend/Holiday
Adult Beech Pass 9am – Close $82.00
Jr. & Sr. Day/Twilight 9am – 5pm, 1pm – Close $50.00
Jr.& Sr. Half Day 9am – 1pm, 1pm – 5pm $40.00
Jr.& Sr. Night 5pm – Close $30.00

In respect to this, does Beech Mountain have night skiing?

Night Skiing Opens Night skiing begins on Friday, December 14th. Ride seven days a week with slope lighting on the entire front-side of the mountain. Beech Mountain Brewing Company's Taproom and Grill opens this Friday at 11 a.m..

Is there snow at Beech Mountain?

The latest Ski Beech Mountain Resort snow report shown below was updated on 26 Feb 2020.

Resort report:

Piste condition: Machine Groomed
Next snowfall: 1.2 in Fri 28 Feb (AM)
Next significant snowfall: 3.5 in Sat 29 Feb (AM)

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