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What time are the AFC and NFC championship games?

NFC Championship Game
Sunday, January 19, at 6:40 p.m. ET. Fox, Fox Sports Go.

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Keeping this in consideration, what time is AFC and NFC games?

NFL Playoffs 2020 Schedule And Odds

Time (ET) Matchup (TV) Odds
Sunday, Jan. 19
3:05 p.m. (AFC) Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs (CBS) KC -7
6:40 p.m. (NFC) Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers (FOX) SF -7.5
Super Bowl LIV

Also Know, who is playing in the NFC and AFC championship games? With the AFC and NFC Divisional Round games completed, the NFL conference championship games are set. The Tennessee Titans will play the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC conference championship game on Sunday, Jan. 19. In the NFC Championship, the San Francisco 49ers will face the Green Bay Packers.

Similarly, you may ask, what time is the first NFL playoff game today?

The first weekend of the 2020 NFL playoffs featured two overtime games and two more tight finishes in regulation. Now, we'll see if the divisional round can live up to that excitement.

Sunday, Jan. 12.

Game Time Channel
Chiefs vs. Texans 3:05 p.m. CBS
Packers vs. Seahawks 6:40 p.m. Fox

What is the 2020 NFL playoff schedule?

Here's when and where you can watch every playoff game this winter:

  • NFL Wild Card Round. Saturday, Jan. 4: No. 5 Buffalo Bills at.
  • NFL Divisional Round. Saturday, Jan. 11: No. 6 Minnesota Vikings at No.
  • NFL Conference Championship. Sunday, Jan. 19: No.
  • Super Bowl. Sunday, Feb. 2: Kansas City Chiefs vs.

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