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What themes are in April?

April Themes, Resources, and Lesson Plans
  • April Fool's Day.
  • Caterpillars & Butterflies.
  • Earth Day.
  • Easter.
  • Frogs.
  • Ladybugs.
  • National Poetry Month.
  • Rainforest.

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Simply so, what are the themes for each month?

If you need some inspiration, HOLSTEE's Mindful Living Calendar sets these themes:

  • January- Intention.
  • February- Friendship.
  • March- Flow.
  • April- Nourishment.
  • May- Simplicity.
  • June- Play.
  • July- Curiosity.
  • August- Rebellion.

Similarly, what is this year's theme for the month of March? March 2018 Monthly Theme: Marking New Beginnings. Early spring blooms emerge after the long winter at Adams National Historical Park. Throughout history and across cultures, the spring equinox has symbolized rebirth and new beginnings.

Thereof, what is there to do in the month of April?

Things to Do in April

  • The Final Four Championship. See the best in college basketball face-off on the court at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Earth Day at Yosemite.
  • King's Day in Amsterdam.
  • Boston Marathon.
  • Masters Golf Tournament.
  • Coachella.
  • Alaska's Arctic Man.
  • Annular Solar Eclipse.

What is the theme for the month of June?

Celebrate Month-Long June Themes and Events National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month - Celebrate National Fruits and Vegetable month by teaching your students about the importance of nutrition. Dairy Month - This is the time of the month when we are all reminded of the great importance of everything dairy.

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