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What test do PA's have to take?

Physician assistant schools may vary when it comes to which exam they require. For example, some schools require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), which is also often required for various types of master's degree programs. Other schools will accept the Medical School Admissions Exam (MCAT) instead of the GRE.

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In respect to this, what exam do physician assistants take?

The Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) and Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam (PANRE) are certification examinations taken by physician assistants (PAs) in the United States. The examinations are administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

Additionally, what GRE test do I need to take for PA school? Minimum GRE Score: Combined minimum score of 300 (verbal and quantitative). For 300 or greater score, written portion of the test is not required. Minimum GRE / MCAT Scores: Preferred overall GRE scores above the 50th percentile, and MCAT scores above 26 (tests before January 2015) or 500 (tests after January 2015).

Just so, how often does a physician assistant need to take a certification exam?

Currently, depending on when we were last certified, a PA has to recertify by taking a single 300 question test every 6 to 10 years. On the surface, I love this idea. When the time comes, PAs can study for the test, take the test, and then not worry about the test for years to come.

Does a physician assistant have to be certified?

If you pass the PANCE and maintain your certification, you may use the title Physician Assistant-Certified or PA-C. Before you can practice, you need to get licensed in your state. All states require that PAs graduate from an accredited PA program and pass the PANCE.

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