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What street was Bullitt car chase on?

The doomed informant Ross is first spotted by the baddies in the lobby of the de-luxe InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco, 999 California Street atop Nob Hill.

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Also to know is, where was the car chase in Bullitt filmed?

San Francisco

Subsequently, question is, how did they film the car chase in Bullitt? In the film, a '68 Mustang GT fastback driven by McQueen runs wild in the streets of hilly San Francisco, chasing and being chased by a '68 Dodge Charger. The chase lasts over 10 minutes, and for muscle car fans and regular folks it's a mesmerizing sequence. It just keeps going, and going, and going.

Subsequently, question is, how far into Bullitt is the car chase?

The famous car chase lasts ten minutes and fifty-three seconds.

Where in San Francisco was Bullitt filmed?

The car chase, with Bullitt's Mustang Shelby famously bouncing over the city's hills, was filmed largely on Fillmore Street, between Broadway and Vallejo Street. The climactic shoot-out took place in San Francisco International Airport.

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