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What steps should be taken to ensure proper photographic documentation?

So here's all that you need to know about steps to ensure a proper and accurate photographic documentation.
  1. Securing the Incident Scene.
  2. Evaluation of Conditions.
  3. Shooting the Scene.
  4. Photographing the Victims.
  5. Photographing Critical Victims Later.
  6. Capturing the Evidence.
  7. Evidence Markers.
  8. Re-shoot for New Evidence.

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Accordingly, what are the proper procedures for photographing a tool mark?

If photographing with film it is best to photograph tool mark evidence with black–and–white film. Black–and–white film provides more contrast and detail than most color films. Proper lighting will show detail in the tool mark. Do not attempt to photograph tool marks with an electronic flash positioned on the camera.

Also, what should be photographed first at a crime scene? The areas photographed should include the location in which the crime actually took place and all adjacent areas where important acts occurred immediately before or after the commission of the crime.

Likewise, people ask, which method is appropriate when photographing evidence?

Photographer should capture the scene with and without the evidence markers. Use of special imaging techniques: Alternate light sources such as lasers, blue or green lights, and colored filters should to be used to detect fingerprints, bite marks, and footprints.

What are the 3 types of photographs that need to be taken at a crime scene?

Overview, intermediate, and close up are the three types. Overview is the crime scene at a wide angle, capturing perhaps a whole room. Intermediate is the area surrounding the evidence. Close up is focusing on evidence, injuries, weapons, or similar objects.

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