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What soil do daphne plants need?

Soil Type. Daphne requires a sandy loam soil with good drainage. This shrub is subject to root rot if the soil retains excess moisture. Root rot can lead to other root diseases and pests that can kill a daphne.

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Similarly, you may ask, does Daphne need ericaceous soil?

Daphne requires a sheltered position in an ericaceous soil and do not require pruning. Once planted, leave well alone as they are really not keen on any type of root disturbance. In a moist, well drained Daphne will continue to grow quite happily.

Furthermore, what should I feed my Daphne plant? Daphne's prefer a slightly acidic soil, therefore feed your bush with Tui Acid Food. Coffee grounds are useful too - add around the base of the plant. Next drench with Seasol seaweed based plant tonic to give the roots a boost and help improve the overall health of the plant.

Also know, where is the best place to plant a Daphne?

Daphne shrubs can be grown in USDA planting zones 4 to 9. They prefer well-drained soil with plenty of compost and a neutral to acidic soil pH. Daphne shrubs thrive in moist soil. To keep the soil around them moist in summer (and to keep the roots cool), apply a three-inch layer of mulch.

How do you repot a Daphne?

When potting a daphne, put some plastic fly-wire over the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. This is not for any horticultural reason, but to stop soil from leaching out of the drainage hole with each watering. Then add the potting mix, selecting a potting mix that meets the Australian Standard.

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