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What size tank to bowl gasket do I need?

The 2 inch Tank to Bowl Gasket is universal to fit most 2 inch two-piece toilet tanks. The universal sponge rubber design measures: 2-1/8 inch inner diameter, 3-1/2 inch outer diameter and 1-1/4 inch thick. Easy to install, the 463 toilet parts include: (1) Sponge Gasket.

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Hereof, are tank to bowl gaskets universal?

Tank to Bowl Gaskets It may be time to replace your tank to bowl gasket. Manufactured in a high quality, chlorine resistant rubber, the Korky tank to bowl gaskets are universal to fit most toilet tanks. All kits are offered with and without tank to bowl hardware.

One may also ask, can you just replace the toilet tank? Replacing a toilet tank is a task most homeowners can do without a call to the plumber. Because the tanks and bowls may be sold separately, you can often buy just the tank. However, it is important to match the toilet manufacturer and model to ensure proper installation and function of the toilet when you're done.

Also to know is, are all toilet gaskets the same size?

Wax rings come in standard sizes, but some are double thickness. If the toilet flange under your toilet is below the flooring level, you will need to get a double thick wax ring. If the flange is perfectly level with the flooring surface, you will then only need to purchase a standard wax ring.

Why does my toilet tank leak when I flush?

If water leaks between the toilet tank and bowl whenever you flush your toilet, you need a new tank to bowl gasket. To repair the leaking you have to replace the gasket you must disconnect the water line to the toilet and remove the tank from the bowl by removing the two brass bolts holding the tank and bowl together.

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