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What size shed requires a permit in Florida?

In the backyard, a shed must be at least 5 feet from the rear lot line or one half the side yard setback, whichever is greater. A maximum of 3 sheds can exist on one residential lot. Shed's require a building permit, and engineered drawings to meet the current Florida Building Code regulations.

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Correspondingly, do I need a permit to build a shed in Florida?

Whether you need a building permit in Florida or not will depend on the area that you live in. Some counties don't require a building permit if your shed is a certain size. However, you may still need a zoning permit and/or a site evaluation done. If your shed needs electricity or plumbing you will need permitting.

Similarly, do you need a permit to make a shed? Permit Requirements for Sheds Vary by Location In most areas, you generally do not need a building permit for a small shed, such as a 6×8 or an 8×10. However, larger storage buildings may challenge local zoning restrictions. Many areas will only allow sheds to be installed in backyards.

Similarly, you may ask, what's the biggest shed I can build without a permit?

Your shed is no larger than 20 square metres if you live in a residential area. If you live in a rural area (RU1, RU2, RU3, RU4 or RU5), your shed is no larger than 50 square metres. Your shed is at least 900mm away from each boundary.

Do I need a permit for a shed in Marion County Florida?

No permit is needed if a person buys a shed from a local box store, as long as the shed is 100 square feet or smaller and has a peak of less than 8 feet. Someone installing a deck that is 30 inches or less above ground will no longer need a permit.

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