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What size screws hold outlets in?

the screw that holds the device on is a 6-32, usually about 1 inch. on steel boxes, the screw that holds the cover or plaster ring on is an 8-32, fairly short. trim plate screws are 6-32 but they are painted to match the plates. the screw that holds the device on is a 6-32, usually about 1 inch.

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Herein, what size screw goes in plastic electrical box?

Typical coverplate screws are 6-32. If the box is a round type, as commonly used for ceiling lights, then an 8-32 screw would be appropriate. If the box is rectangular, as used for wiring devices (switch, outlet, etc) then a 6-32 screw is what you will need.

Additionally, what type of screw is used to install switches and receptacles into device boxes? 406.5 states: "Screws used for the purpose of attaching receptacles to a box shall be of the type provided with a listed receptacle, or shall be machine screws having 32 threads per inch or part of listed assemblies or systems, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions."

Likewise, how much weight can a 6 32 screw hold?

12 pounds

What size is a ground screw?

Ground Screw, Leader Point Hex/Philips/Slot Head. Size: 10/32 x 3/8 Inch. Hex Size: 5/16 Inch. Green Zinc Plated Steel.

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