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What size is an endless pool?

Pool Series sizes range from 6'x6' to 16'x16', depending on the model, and are customizable in 1' increments. Spa Series offers 4 sizes; the molded acrylic shells cannot be resized. Speak with a Design Representative for options and details.

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In respect to this, what is the smallest endless pool?

The smallest Endless Pool has a swimming area 7 feet wide by 14 feet long and 39 inches deep (the standard depth of a lap pool.) It can be customized to 78 inches deep for standing exercises.

Subsequently, question is, what is the average cost of an endless pool? Cost. Affordable, indoors or out. Endless Pool models start at $28,400 with a swim current. Just $9,900 for a WaterWell therapy pool (not for swimming).

Beside above, what is an endless pool?

Endless Pools give you big-pool fun plus unique advantages Installation in existing rooms (patios, garages, basements) due to its modular construction. Affordable to heat and maintain due to its compact size. Less chlorine than tap water.

Are Endless Pools any good?

A good swimmer could out-sprint this pool. Not quite so in an Endless Pool. But it's calmer than swimming in the ocean on most days. The reason I'm using open-water metaphors is that swimming in an Endless Pool is more akin to swimming in open water than in a pool.

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