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What size is a tumbler glass?

12 x whiskey glasses, tumbler, glass, 350 ml, diameter 9 cm, height 10.5 cm.

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Thereof, how many ounces is a tumbler glass?

Each glass weights on average 9.3 oz, 265 g. Capacity to the rim is 490 grams of water, about 490 milliliters, about 16.6 fluid oz.

Also, how many mL is a glass of Tumbler? A glass will be 12–16 ounces. There are 59 milliliters in 2 fluid ounces. 59 * 6 = 354 mL for 12 oz.

Also know, what is the difference between a glass and a tumbler?

As nouns the difference between glass and tumbler is that glass is (uncountable) a solid, transparent substance made by melting sand with a mixture of soda, potash and lime while tumbler is one who tumbles; one who plays tricks by various motions of the body; an acrobat.

What is the standard size of a drinking glass?

Standard Size Kazuko 14 oz. Crafted from glass, each piece has the capacity to hold up to 14 fluid ounces.

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