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What size is a large house?

In America, the National Association of Home Builders reports that the average home size was 983 square feet in 1950, 1,500 square feet in 1970, and 2,349 square feet in 2004. This trend appears to be continuing: house sizes in 2005 (the latest year for which figures are available) averaged 2,434 square feet.

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People also ask, what size home is considered large?

There actually are simple Yes, 3,4000 square feet would be considered large. A majority of people live in homes from 1500 - 2500 square feet, if I was to make an educated guess as a draftsman who deals with this day in and day out.

Subsequently, question is, is 2500 square feet a big house? 2,500 square feet is a huge house if you make a plausible lay-out. There were six of us, four kids, and it was plenty of room. Nobody we knew had a bigger house except a few old-money people.

Then, is a 2000 sq ft house big?

For the average North American, 2000 sq ft is a comfortable size home for a family of up to 5 people. Generally, you would get a living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, and often, a separate family room. Also, it's common to get a basement that can be turned into livable square footage too.

How big is a 100m2 house?

100 square metres could be the area of a square 10 metres on each side. In the old measures, an area just a bit smaller than 33 feet by 33. Alternatively, an area 12.5 by 8 metres or 20 by 5. This would be about the floor area of a larger single storey house, maybe one with three or four bedrooms, or a large apartment.

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