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What simple sugar is broken down in the mitochondria?


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Subsequently, one may also ask, what process in the mitochondria breaks down glucose?

Cellular respiration is the process of extracting energy in the form of ATP from the glucose in the food you eat. In stage one, glucose is broken down in the cytoplasm of the cell in a process called glycolysis. In stage two, the pyruvate molecules are transported into the mitochondria.

Also, what cell process occurs in the mitochondria? respiration

Accordingly, what process is glucose broken down in?

If oxygen is present, then glucose can be broken all the way down into carbon dioxide and water. This process is called aerobic respiration because it requires air (oxygen). In the absence of oxygen, the cell uses a process called anaerobic fermentation. or simply fermentation.

What types of cells would have more mitochondria?

Some cells have more mitochondria than others. Your fat cells have many mitochondria because they store a lot of energy. Muscle cells have many mitochondria, which allows them to respond quickly to the need for doing work.

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