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What should you not move to the cloud?

What are the Reasons I Should Not Move My Business to the Cloud?
  • Less Control Over Your Data's Security.
  • You've Got to Have Good Internet.
  • You're Locked into a Subscription Model.
  • If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It.
  • Extra Vendors to Deal With.
  • Cloud-Based Services are Hacker Targets.
  • Long-Term Costs of Cloud Computing are Higher.

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Accordingly, why companies are not moving to the cloud?

One of the biggest reasons organizations delay moving into the cloud is that they lack IT personnel trained in cloud technology. Most in-house IT teams are comfortable with server maintenance, network infrastructure and application management.

when should you not use the cloud? When to avoid cloud computing

  • Critical data. Though cloud security has come a long way, many experts believe you're still better off keeping critical data close to your place of operations.
  • Outages.
  • Cloud sprawl.
  • Complex architecture.
  • Costs.
  • Inability to monitor cloud performance.
  • Legacy architecture.
  • Remote location.

Thereof, what types of applications might a company choose not to move to the cloud?

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should NOT Move to the Cloud

  • 1) You may not save money moving to the cloud.
  • 2) Do you really need all that increased storage?
  • 3) You can't get rid of IT staff and/or your outsourced IT provider.
  • 4) Cloud may not make you more mobile.
  • 5) Cloud providers may not be more secure.

Should you move to the cloud?

Cloud computing is also a safe way of storing and sharing data. Your staff can access the service at any time and from any location to complete their tasks. If you are unsure about moving from the traditional way of computing, here are the top reasons why you should move your business to cloud computing.

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