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What should phosphate level be in pool?

The maximum level of phosphate in pool water is something under 100 ppb. Once the phosphate climbs much above this level, the water quality begins to decrease and slime deposits can begin. Fortunately, draining to eliminate the accumulated phosphate is no longer necessary.

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Besides, can you swim in a pool with high phosphates?

As mentioned before, high phosphates in a pool can promote algae growth, leading to a green and cloudy pool. However, as long as phosphate levels are below 100 ppb and you're maintaining proper pH, water level, chlorine level, and total alkalinity, algae growth shouldn't be a problem.

Furthermore, do phosphates affect chlorine? Phosphates are food for algae. Since more of your free chlorine is then occupied killing algae, less is available to form a sanitizer residual. High phosphate loads, when left untreated, will generally result in higher chlorine demand and can even lead to algae blooms in your pool.

Also know, what removes phosphates from pool water?

Phosphates are a misunderstood issue in pool chemistry because 1) they are difficult to test for, and 2) they cannot be removed by chlorine alone. In fact, chlorine does not even interact with phosphates. To remove phosphates, you will need a phosphate remover.

How do you test for phosphates in a pool?

You can test for phosphates in your pool, spa or pond with the Aquachek Phosphate Test Kit. The one minute phosphate test kit uses packets of powder to dissolve in a water sample. Its testing range is from 0-1000 ppb of phosphates.

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