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What should I tell my massage therapist?

SIX things you REALLY need to tell your massage therapist about yourself
  • INJURIES – OLD AND NEW: Massage is important after injury, but never straight away!
  • PREGNANCY: You must tell your therapist if you're pregnant as certain areas need to be avoided.
  • ALLERGIES TO OILS/LOTIONS: It's not rocket science, really.

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People also ask, what can massage therapists tell about your body?

Here are seven things a massage therapist can tell about you after just 60 minutes:

  • The type of job you do.
  • You don't drink enough water.
  • The position you sleep in at nights.
  • You spend a great amount of time driving.
  • You are injured or have been injured in the past.
  • You're constipated.
  • You're a chronic texter.

Additionally, do massage therapists care if you shave? No massage therapist cares about your leg hair. (Or armpit, back, chest, or facial hair). We don't care if you haven't shaved in a week, a month, or a lifetime. When we're working, we are feeling your muscles and other soft tissues for things that may be causing you pain and limiting your movement.

Secondly, what should I ask my massage therapist?

10 Questions to Ask Your Client Before You Begin Massage Therapy

  • Have you been to a massage therapist before?
  • Are you in pain?
  • What is your profession?
  • How are you affected by this injury?
  • Have you tried anything else?
  • Do you have any other conditions?
  • Ask them to go over their health form.
  • Are you taking any medications that may be a contraindication to massage?

Can massage therapist feel tension?

People who sit in front of a computer all day also have tight glutes and legs. This sleep position leads to extra strain on the neck, and massage therapists can feel the tightness.

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