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What RPM should you mill aluminum?

Milling Speeds (HSS End Mills)
Material Average Tool Speed (S.F.M)
Aluminum, 6061 280
Aluminum, 2024 200
Aluminum, Cast 134

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Thereof, what is the cutting speed for aluminum?

Cutting speeds for various materials using a plain high speed steel cutter

Material type Meters per min (MPM) Surface feet per min (SFM)
Aluminium 122-305 400-1000
Brass 90–210 300–700
Machinable Wax 6 20
Acetal Copolymer (Delrin) 11 35

Secondly, can I use a router on aluminum? Yes. It is quite easy to cut aluminum using a wood router. Any normal working router with standard carbide bits can be used to cut aluminum. The cutting blades may dull off after several uses on aluminum and therefore you need router bits that are hardy and durable.

Just so, what speed should you mill steel?

Cutting Speeds for High-Speed Steel Milling Cutters.

Cast Iron (soft and medium) 40 to 75 25 to 80
Monel Metal 50 to 75 50 to 75
Steel, hard 25 to 50 25 to 70
Steel, soft 60 to 120 45 to 110

What speed should aluminum be drilled at?

How to choose the right drill speed

Material Speed Range (SFM) RPM recommendations based on First Guess Speeds for various drill bit diameters
1/8 (.125″);
tool steel 45-60 1528
cast Iron 50-125 2139
aluminum and alloys 200-300 7639

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