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What present does the little prince give the pilot?

Characters: The Lamplighter; The Geographer

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Then, what does the pilot represent in the Little Prince?

To the pilot, the Little Prince symbolizes a childlike innocence that has been untainted by adult ennui and sophistication. To the pilot, the Little Prince also represents sacrificial love and devotion.

why does the pilot worry about the little prince's departure? He wants the Little Prince to stay. He wants him to become his minister.

Secondly, what do baobabs symbolize in the Little Prince?

In "The Little Prince," the baobab trees symbolize obstacles in life. In the story, the prince lives on a small planet and is concerned that these baobab trees, while they start as tiny seedlings, will grow and become destructive to his world. The baobab trees' roots will destroy the planet as they grow.

How does the little prince travel?

rising action · After he believes he has been spurned by his rose, the prince travels to neighboring planets and eventually lands on Earth. He wanders through the desert in search of humans, and he is eventually found by the fox.

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