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What positions are there in netball?

Netball Playing Positions
  • Goal Keeper (GK)
  • Goal Defence (GD)
  • Wing Defence (WD)
  • Centre (C)
  • Wing Attack (WA)
  • Goal Attack (GA)
  • Goal Shooter (GS)

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Accordingly, how many positions are there in netball?


One may also ask, what's the most important position in netball? Goal defense and goal keeper needed to defend their teams goal. Center and the wings needed to help get the ball away from the oppositions goal along with the help of the goal keeper and goal defense and get the ball to the goal attack and goal shooter. So really each is special and important in their own ways.

In this manner, what is the hardest position to play in netball?

Deakin research discovers most demanding netball positions

Playing intensity (au/min) Time spent in low intensity zone
Centre 326 41.6%
Wing Defence 308 45.9%
Wing Attack 282 52.3%
Goal Attack 262 53.7%

What are the 5 basic rules of netball?

Netball Rules

  • The team.
  • Substitutions.
  • Playing positions and their roles on the court.
  • Starting the game – centre pass.
  • Footwork in the centre circle.
  • Offside rule.
  • Footwork.
  • Obstruction.

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