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What pet names do you call your boyfriend?

The Cutest Boyfriend Nicknames:
  • Amigo.
  • Amore.
  • Babe.
  • Baby.
  • Baby Boo.
  • Baby Cakes.
  • Baby Daddy.
  • Bad Boy.

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In this manner, what name can I call my boyfriend?

Honey Bun – sweet and sexy. Hot stuff – when he is smoking hot and you can't stay away from him. Lover Boy – the one who stole your heart. Mi amour – “my love” in Spanish, which somehow sounds even more appealing.

One may also ask, what is a good nickname for a guy? The Cutest Nicknames for Boys

  • Cutie – if he is romantic and sweet.
  • Hot Stuff – if you have goosebumps from his touches.
  • Panda – it is for kind and calm guys.
  • Romeo – your boyfriend has captured your heart.
  • Babe – he touches your soul.
  • Beloved – the boyfriend is the only man in your life.
  • Sexy – you are mad about him.

Also to know, what pet names do guys like to be called?

Honey, Baby, Sugar, Darling, Love, Lover, Stud, Handsome, Sugar-Booger, LoverBoy, My Man, My Lover, Star Lover, Forever Lover, My Heart, My Life, HunnyBunch, Scotty Too Hottie, Baby Shugs, Dumpling, Presh, Precious, Hot Boy, Rude Boy, Sweetness, My Love, Lovey, Dawlin', Come n' Get It, Hubby to name a few.

How do you call your boyfriend romantically?


  1. AMORE MIO: This means “my love” in Italian.
  2. MI AMOR: This means “my love” in Spanish.
  3. CHARMING: If you feel your man melts your heart with his charm, this is the perfect pet name to call him.
  4. HONEY BUN: When you feel your man is just too sweet.

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