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What pesticides are used on watermelon?

Insecticides Insecticides used in watermelon are: abamectin, esfenvalerate, diazinon, dimethoate, carbofuran, dicofol, methomyl, permethrin, carbaryl, endosulfan, imidacloprid, bifenthrin, beta-cyfluthrin, thiamethoxam, spiromesifin, fenpropathrin, dinotefuran, spintor, vydate, and fulfill.

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Accordingly, is watermelon high in pesticides?

Watermelon has some of the least amount of pesticides when compared to other fruits. They also contain a surprising health benefit; consuming watermelon may help relieve muscle soreness.

Subsequently, question is, how do you protect watermelons from pests? by spreading silver polyethylene mulch over the watermelon bed before planting. Cover the edges with soil to keep the reflective mulch in place, and cut holes -- 3 to 4 inches in diameter -- in the mulch to plant the watermelon.

Secondly, what do you spray on watermelons?

Soap solutions are an all-purpose way to get rid of numerous types of garden pests, including aphids on watermelon plants. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid castille soap in 1 gallon of water, shake it well and spray all leaf surfaces, including the undersides of the leaves. This mixture dehydrates aphids.

Does watermelon need to be organic?

Read more: 20 Foods to ALWAYS Buy Organic (Even If You're On a Budget!) The flavor isn't the only sweet attribute of watermelon. The thick outer casing provides protection from pesticides in the soil. Watermelon may also help soothe those sore muscles and keep your ticker healthy.

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