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What paints are low VOC?

In fact, the paint tinting process can sometimes add some VOCs. That said, these are still a great option. Brands that have no VOC options include AFM Safecoat, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Yolo Colorhouse. Again, other brands make non-toxic paints.

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Simply so, what paint has lowest VOC?

  • Behr Premium Plus Enamel Low Luster. Behr, the Home Depot house brand, comes in more than 4,000 different colors, with zero-VOC versions of semi-gloss, flat interior, eggshell, and base finishes.
  • Benajmin Moore Natura/Aura. Benjamin Moore/Screen capture.
  • Milk Paint. © Milk Paint.
  • YOLO Colorhouse. © Yolo Colorhouse.

Beside above, is Dulux paint low VOC? Dulux has been at the forefront in introducing low VOC paints. Low VOC paints are lower in Volatile Organic Compounds thereby creating less emissions and less odour. Dulux has introduced low VOC products such as Dulux Professional® Enviro2®, Wash&Wear® and the tinter system used to deliver the Dulux colour offer.

Considering this, what does low VOC paint mean?

VOCs. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are carbon-containing substances that easily become vapors or gases. They can be present in paints, coatings and cleaning products. Paints labeled "low-VOC" should contain fewer than 50 grams per liter of volatile compounds, if they meet the Green Seal standards.

Is Sherwin Williams paint low VOC?

Zero-VOC Paints from Sherwin-Williams. Harmony Flat, Eg-Shel, Semi-Gloss, and Primer are low-odor, zero-VOC acrylic latex paints. The Harmony line is available in more than 1,500 colors, but the company's colorants contain VOCs, so choosing a lighter tint will keep overall VOC levels lower.

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