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What page does Johnny kill Bob?

The setting in the early chapters of The Outsiders foreshadow the events of chapter 4 in many ways. In chapter 4, Johnny kills Bob, a Soc, who along with four other Socs, attempts to jump Ponyboy

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In this manner, where did Johnny stab Bob in the outsiders?

Running away from home, Ponyboy and Johnny wander into a park, where Bob and four other Socs surround them. After some heated talk, Ponyboy spits at the Socs, prompting them to attempt to drown him in a nearby fountain, but Johnny stabs Bob, killing him and dispersing the rest.

Also Know, what did the SOCS do to make Johnny kill Bob? Johnny and Ponyboy try to run, but they are cornered. One of the Socs grabs Pony and holds his head under the water. Johnny killed Bob out of self defense. He knew that another beating was coming, and he killed Bob before it started.

Beside this, how did Johnny feel after killing Bob?

After exchanging a few insults, one of the Socs grabs Ponyboy and holds his head under water in a fountain until he passes out. Ponyboy and Johnny both thought Ponyboy was going to drown that night. When Ponyboy regains consciousness, Bob is dead. Johnny stabbed him in self-defense.

What page is Chapter 4 in the outsiders?

Summary: Chapter 4 The park is deserted at 2:30 in the morning. Ponyboy and Johnny go walking beside the fountain. It is cold out, and Ponyboy is wearing only a short-sleeved shirt. Suddenly the boys see the blue Mustang from earlier that night.

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