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What must be present for fertilization to occur in bryophytes?

Bryophytes have neither pollen nor flowers and rely on water to carry the male gametes (the sperm) to the female gametes (the eggs). The spore capsules are produced after the sperm have fertilized the eggs. Hence the spores are part of the sexual reproductive cycle.

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Consequently, do bryophytes require water for fertilization?

Bryophytes also need a moist environment to reproduce. Their flagellated sperm must swim through water to reach the egg. The sporophytes of bryophytes do not have a free-living existence. They grow directly out of the fertilized egg in the archegonia, and remain dependent on the parent gametophyte for their nutrition.

Subsequently, question is, why do bryophytes need water for fertilization? Bryophytes need water for sexual reproduction because the flagillated sperm swim to the non-motile egg in order to fertilize it.

In this way, where does fertilization take place in bryophytes?

The gametophytes release sperm to fertilize eggs, and fertilization happens right on top of the gametophyte. The sporophyte grows into a new fern plant, and produces spores to complete the life cycle.

How do bryophytes reproduce?

Bryophyte reproduction happens in two ways, like with other plants. Asexual reproduction occurs when a sporophyte releases spores, and sexual reproduction happens when gametes fuse and form a zygote. When a bryophyte spore settles somewhere, it grows into a gametophyte. Gametophytes are green and leafy, but small.

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