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What muscle compresses abdominal contents?

Muscles of the Abdominal Region - Listed Alphabetically
Muscle Origin Action
rectus abdominis pubis and the pubic symphysis flexes the trunk
transversus abdominis lower 6 ribs, thoracolumbar fascia, anterior 3/4 of the iliac crest, lateral 1/3 of inguinal ligament compresses the abdomen

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In this manner, which muscle helps compress the abdominal contents during?

Chapter 6.2 Anatomy of Muscles

The main function of this muscle is to flex the vertebral column rectus abdominus
This muscle compresses the abdominal contents during defecation and childbirth rectus abdominus
Fibrous bands that cross the rectus abdominus and make the six pack tendinous intersections

Subsequently, question is, which muscle of the abdominal wall is the most internal? external abdominal oblique muscle

Also question is, what muscles make up the abdominal wall?

Anteriorly, the abdominal wall includes the rectus abdominis muscles, and the aponeuroses of the three muscles (the external and internal oblique and the transversus) that form much of the side of the abdomen. Posteriorly, the lumbar vertebrae and intervertebral discs project anteriorward (fig. 25-2).

What are the 4 layers of abdominal muscles?

The anterolateral abdominal wall consists of four main layers (external to internal): skin, superficial fascia, muscles and associated fascia, and parietal peritoneum.

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