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What movie won the Oscar in 1961?

Best Picture
WEST SIDE STORY (1961) Fanny (1961) The Hustler (1961)

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Regarding this, which movie version of a musical won an Academy Award in 1961?

33rd Academy Awards
Directed by Richard Dunlap
Best Picture The Apartment
Most awards The Apartment (5)

Beside above, what movie won the Oscar in 1985? The big winner at the ceremony was Miloš Forman's Amadeus, which had received 11 nominations and won 8 awards including Best Picture and Best Actor for F. Murray Abraham. As of the 90th Academy Awards, Amadeus is the most recent film to receive two lead actor nominations.

One may also ask, what movie won the Oscar in 1960?


Which film won the Oscar in 2019?

Oscars 2019: GREEN BOOK wins Best Picture GREEN BOOK is the 2019 Oscar winner for BEST PICTURE!

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