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What meds was Michael Jackson on?

Outcome: Personal physician convicted of invo

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Then, what did Michael Jackson have in his system?

When he died, Michael Jackson had a cocktail of anti-depressant and mood drugs in his system as well as a level of the anesthetic propofol typical of a patient undergoing major surgery.

Also, what was Michael Jackson addiction? After rehearsal, Jackson began to unravel, allegedly begging for propofol. Later that evening Jackson began complaining of fatigue. In attendance was Murray, who was concerned the singer was addicted to propofol and instead administered Valium to Jackson in order to help him sleep, according to a police affidavit.

Secondly, why was Michael Jackson on pain killers?

An addiction expert testifying for the doctor charged in Michael Jackson's death told jurors Thursday he believes the singer developed an addiction to a powerful pain medicine in the months before his death. Dr Robert Waldman told jurors that Jackson was receiving "above-average doses" of the painkiller Demerol.

What cause the death of Michael Jackson?

Cardiac arrest

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