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What makes a pesticide persistent?

"Persistent" pesticides are those that do not breakdown in the environment, but remain toxic to fish, animals, and humans for many years. They can bioaccumulate (glossary link), their toxic effects multiplying as they move up the food chain from plants, to animals, and finally us.

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In respect to this, why are persistent pesticides dangerous?

Persistent pesticides have a greater potential to accumulate in organisms. When a pesticide bioaccumulates, predator animals higher on the food chain accumulate more pesticides in their body. This happens because more of their food and water sources also contain the persistent chemical.

Also, what causes persistent organic pollutants? Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are toxic substances composed of organic (carbon-based) chemical compounds and mixtures. They include industrial chemicals like PCBs and pesticides like DDT. They are primarily products and by-products from industrial processes, chemical manufacturing and resulting wastes.

Then, what is a non persistent pesticide?

Nonpersistent pesticide Definition A pesticide whose harmful effects are of relatively short duration and, therefore, do not normally contaminate the environment for long periods after application. Phosphate-based pesticides such as Malathion and Parathion are examples of nonpersistent pesticides. ( Sesco, et al.

How long does pesticide residue last?

Chlorpyrifos has a soil half-life of 11-140 days; persistence increases in more acidic soils; “residues” (unspecified levels) occur on plant surfaces for 10-14 days after application. Carbaryl has a soil half-life of 7-28 days; plant surface residues (unspecified levels) usually last less than 14 days.

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