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What languages use dynamic scoping?

Some languages, like Perl and Common Lisp, allow the programmer to choose static or dynamic scoping when defining or redefining a variable. Examples of languages that use dynamic scoping include Logo, Emacs Lisp, LaTeX and the shell languages bash, dash, and PowerShell. Dynamic scoping is fairly easy to implement.

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Likewise, people ask, what is dynamic scoping?

Dynamic scoping is a programming language paradigm that you don't typically see. The scoping that most programmers are used to is called lexical scoping. Dynamic scoping does not care how the code is written, but instead how it executes. Each time a new function is executed, a new scope is pushed onto the stack.

what is static scope and dynamic scope? Static Scoping: Static scoping is also called lexical scoping. In this scoping a variable always refers to its top level environment. In contrast, dynamic scope requires the programmer to anticipate all possible dynamic contexts.

Subsequently, question is, is Python static or dynamic scoping?

Like most other languages, Python is statically scoped. Dynamic scope is not common in current programming languages 2, partly because it defeats information hiding and local analysis: reasoning about a function's behaviour with dynamic scope is much harder.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic scoping?

Inability to statically check for references to nonlocal variables. Dynamics scoping also makes program difficult to read because the calling sequence of subprograms must be known to determine the meaning of references to nonlocal variables.

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