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What kind of tea is throat coat?

Slippery elm tea
Slippery elm is an herb that's been used as a natural remedy for centuries. It contains a substance called mucilage, which turns into a gel-like matter when mixed with water. When you drink slippery elm tea, that gel can help coat your throat, which may soothe and protect it when it's sore.

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Similarly, you may ask, what is Throat Coat tea?

Throat Coat tea contains herbs with demulcent action, and in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study it was shown to provide rapid, temporary relief of sore throat pain. It's sweet, aromatic, earthy and viscous (which allows the herbs to coat your throat).

Subsequently, question is, does Throat Coat tea help cough? Drink marshmallow tea Hence, sipping tea throughout the day can help suppress coughs. According to Dr. (Buy them separately or in teas labeled Throat Coat, which contain licorice root, slippery elm, and marshmallow root.)

Consequently, what flavor is Throat Coat tea?

Throat Coat® Sweet and silky, with a distinct licorice taste. The slippery elm tree has played an important role in Native American herbal medicine for hundreds of years.

Is there caffeine in throat coat tea?

Caffeine Free. Consistently high quality herbs from ethical trading partnerships. Taste: Sweet and silky, with a distinct licorice taste.

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