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What kind of sorority is Delta Gamma?

Delta Gamma (ΔΓ), commonly known as DG, is a sorority in the United States and Canada with over 250,000 initiated members. It has 151 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada and more than 200 alumnae groups.

Delta Gamma
Type Social
Scope International
Motto Do Good
Colors Bronze Pink Blue

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Also question is, is Delta Gamma a good sorority?

Delta Gamma (DGs) is considered a mid-tier sorority almost everywhere across the country. The reputation of DG is that they are classy, supportive of each other, focused on “girl-power,” and heavily involved in campus activities. DGs tend to enjoy a level of respect among other sororities and fraternities.

Furthermore, what schools have Delta Gamma? Highest Rated Delta Gamma Chapters

  • University of California, Irvine. University of California, Irvine.
  • Arizona State University. Arizona State University.
  • University of California, Davis.
  • Spring Hill College.
  • University of Michigan Ann Arbor.
  • Washington and Jefferson College.
  • Washburn University.
  • Pepperdine University.

Similarly, what does it mean Delta Gamma?

Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi, at the Lewis School for Girls by three young women who were unable to go home for the Christmas break. They chose the Greek letters Delta and Gamma because of their desire to "Do Good." It remains Delta Gamma's motto today and a driving force in all we do.

Is Delta Gamma a sorority or fraternity?

We are Delta Gamma Fraternity, a Greek women's organization here to "Do Good" and focused on hope. We were founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi by three young women who were unable to go home during a Christmas holiday. Together they formed a club that now has more than 250,000 members.

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