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What kind of ruler was Trajan?

Roman Emperor Trajan. This is a studio image of a broken statue of Trajan, who ruled Rome from A.D. 98-117 and expanded the empire to its furthest boundaries. Trajan was a Roman emperor who ruled from A.D. 98 until his death in A.D. 117.

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Consequently, what is Trajan known for?

As a civilian administrator, Trajan is best known for his extensive public building program, which reshaped the city of Rome and left numerous enduring landmarks such as Trajan's Forum, Trajan's Market and Trajan's Column. Early in his reign, he annexed the Nabataean Kingdom, creating the province of Arabia Petraea.

Likewise, how did Trajan gain power? Rise to power and Trajan as Roman Emperor After the assassination of Domitian in 96 AD, the new emperor Nerva appointed Trajan as governor of Upper Germany and shortly after his appointment in 97 AD he received a note from Nerva telling him of his adoption. Afterwards he made him the successor of the empire.

Similarly, who was Trajan in ancient Rome?

Trajan, or Marcus Ulpius Traianus, was Roman emperor from 98 to 117 CE. Known as a benevolent ruler, his reign was noted for public projects which benefitted the populace such as improving the dilapidated road system, constructing aqueducts, building public baths and extending the port of Ostia.

How did Trajan the Roman Emperor die?


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