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What kind of games can I play with my dog?

10 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog
  • Use a Flirt Pole.
  • Play Tug of War With Your Dog.
  • Play Frisbee With Your Dog.
  • Create Your Own Agility Course.
  • Use Kong Stuffing & Food Dispensing Toys.
  • Teach Your Dog to Chase Bubbles.
  • Play Some Water Games With Your Dog.
  • Play Find the Treats With Your Dog.

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Keeping this in view, how do I entertain my dog indoors?

Here's a list of 33 ways to keep your dog busy indoors.

  1. Play a Game of Find The Treats.
  2. Play the the Shell Game.
  3. Teach Your Dog to Clean Up His Toys.
  4. Use a Stuffed Kong to Keep Your Dog Entertained.
  5. Play a Game of Tug of War.
  6. Teach Your Dog to Help With Chores.
  7. Play Interactive Games.
  8. Make Your Dog Work for His Food.

One may also ask, how do you mentally stimulate a dog? 10 Ways to Give Your Dog More Mental Stimulation

  1. Have Your Dog Work For Their Food. Our dogs have it pretty easy when it comes to meal time.
  2. Let Your Dog Sniff & Explore on Walks.
  3. Get Your Dog a Puzzle Toy.
  4. Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks.
  5. Play Some Nose Work Games.
  6. Teach Your Dog the Names of Their Toys.
  7. Play Some Free Shaping Games.
  8. Make an Obstacle Course For Your Dog.

Also asked, what indoor games can I play with my dog?

Here are 5 fun indoor games you can play with your dog.

  • Tug Games. In small spaces where active games are not possible, you can still play tug games with your dog.
  • Hide and Seek.
  • Obstacle Course.
  • Training Games.
  • Puzzle Challenges.

Is it cruel to leave a dog at home all day?

We all get busy but leaving your dog alone for more than four hours every day can have a negative impact on its happiness, behavior, and quality of life. In fact, some dogs can eventually develop separation anxiety. Dogs are capable of feeling bored out of their minds just as humans are.

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