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What kind of fish are in the Animas River?

The Animas is home to rainbows and browns. They are strong, smart trout that are doing well in the river. The big water grows some large fish, and the Animas has a reputation for large trout.

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Also know, is there gold in the Animas River?

There has been some indication that gold was mined by Spanish Explorers along the Animas River long before the gold rush to Colorado. Much of the gold that comes from the mines in the mountains around the Animas River are locked up in telluride, which makes it challenging for the average prospector to recover.

Likewise, what happened to the Animas River? The contaminated Animas River flows through Durango on August 7. Over 2 million gallons of mine wastewater made its way into the river, putting the city on alert. The before shot, on the left, was captured on August 6 when Bartles was aware the spill happened and was making its way down the river to Durango.

Just so, why is the Animas River Brown?

The water was a cloudy brown color with bits of suspended, charred debris. Sediment and ash from the 416 Fire piles up along the banks of Hermosa Creek, a tributary of the Animas River. The Animas began the summer with record low water because of drought and a warm winter. Many western rivers are stressed.

Is the Animas River safe?

Health officials say the water in the Animas and San Juan rivers is safe again. The water has been treated since the accidental Gold King Mine Spill in 2015. The Environment Department says recent tests of the water show it's safe.

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