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What kind of bird buries their eggs?


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Simply so, do snakes bury their eggs in dirt?

Most snakes lay eggs and do not give birth to live young. The female lays the eggs underground in loose soil or sand, which acts as a natural incubator. The shell should feel leathery and have some give to it for it to be a snake egg.

Likewise, what birds lay the most eggs? According to wikipedia, the Grey Partridge lays the most eggs per nest, averaging 17 eggs per nest and often more than 20. Zebra Finches will make a nest and lay eggs any time after it rains, all year round.

In respect to this, which birds lay round eggs?

Ostriches lay the largest eggs of any living bird. However, compared to the bird's size they are quite small. The eggs are round with thick shells, giving them enough strength to bear the weight of the incubating bird without being crushed. Even though they are laid on the ground the eggs are white.

What lays small white eggs in soil?

Thread: white eggs in the soil Slugs and snails! Yep, best guess is slug or snail. I usually find them under stones or bits of old wood, rather than buried in the soil.

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