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What kind of begonias are there?

There are different types of begonias: tuberous begonias (the ones with large flowers), semperflorens begonias (the wax type), rex begonias, rhizomatus begonias (interesting leaves and flowers). There are three types of Begonias: Tuberous, Semperflorens, and the uncommon Perennials.

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Then, how do I tell what kind of begonia I have?

Identify shrub-type begonias by their upright growing habit and branching stems. Look for velvet-textured, hairy leaf surfaces to spot these little-known begonias. Shrub begonias grow from many shoots and are very multi-stemmed.

Additionally, what can be planted with begonias? Emerald Green and Yellow Hues

  1. The Begonia Society of the Palm Beaches: Great Companion Plants with Begonias.
  2. Fine Gardening: Rex Begonias.
  3. Fine Gardening: Athyrium “Ghost” (Ghost Fern)
  4. Fine Gardening: Corydalis Lutea (Yellow Corydalis)

Just so, do begonias like sun or shade?

Morning sun (and a little afternoon shade) is perfect. Wax begonias can tolerate more sun than other types, and the ones with bronze-colored leaves are the most sun-tolerant of all. Tuberous begonias prefer more shade and less heat, so we often see them on display in late summer. Soil: Light, rich, humusy soil.

What are begonias used for?

Tuberous begonias bloom throughout the summer, thriving in shady spots where few other plants with long bloom periods and showy flowers can grow. They are often used as container plants on patios and porches, in hanging baskets, and as bedding plants.

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