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What is work immersion according to DepEd?

Work Immersion: Real World Experience at Senior High. One of its components, the work immersion program, provides students “real workplace” experience, giving students a set of technical-vocational and livelihood skills that can help them make more informed career choices and improve their employment prospects.

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In this way, what is work immersion by deped?

A Senior High School student has to undergo Work Immersion in an industry that directly relates to the student's postsecondary goal. Through Work Immersion, the students are exposed to and become familiar with work-related environment related to their field of specialization to enhance their competence.

Also Know, what is work Immersion and its importance? The importance of work immersion must be seen as vital point of giving students a venue to improve themselves through experiencing real stuff firsthand. It helps students to acquire knowledge and experience that can help them grow as professional individuals.

Similarly, what is the work immersion?

Work immersion is a key feature in the Senior High School curriculum and refers to the part of that consists of 80 hours of hands-on experience or work simulation which Grade 12 students will undergo to expose them to the actual work setting and to enrich the competencies provided by the school.

What is the main goal of work immersion?

The goal of Work immersion program is to become familiar with the workplace, employment simulation, and to apply competencies in areas of specialization in authentic work environment.

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