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What is WhoID?

"WhoID" refers to people things. So that would be typically a Lead ID or a Contact ID. "WhatID" refers to object type things.That would typically be an Account ID or an Opportunity ID. You can use query something like this : select id, whatid from task.

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Furthermore, what is the difference between WhoID and WhatID?

WhoID in Salesforce refers to people things. WhatID in Salesforce refers to object type things. That would typically be an Account ID or an Opportunity ID. The WhatId represents nonhuman objects such as accounts, opportunities, campaigns, cases, or custom objects.

Also, what is wrapper class in Salesforce? Wrapper Class in Apex Salesforce : A wrapper or container class is a class, a data structure, or an abstract data type which contains different objects or collection of objects as its members. A wrapper class is a custom object defined by programmer wherein he defines the wrapper class properties.

Also, what is the advantage of using custom settings in Salesforce?

The benefit of using custom setting instead of custom objects: Data in custom setting is available in application cache, hence efficient and fast access. No need to waste SOQL for fetching data from custom setting. There are some methods available in custom settings that we can use to get the data instead of SOQL.

What is the difference between a standard controller and custom controller?

Custom Controller: It is an Apex class that implements all of the logic for a page without leveraging a standard controller. Custom Controllers are associated with Visualforce pages through the controller attribute. Custom controller defines its own functionality.

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