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What is WH movement in syntax?

wh-movement(Noun) a syntactic phenomenon found in many languages around the world, in which interrogative words (sometimes called wh-words) or phrases show a special word order. Unlike ordinary phrases, such wh-words appear at the beginning of an interrogative clause.

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Likewise, what Is syntax movement?

Syntactic movement is the means by which some theories of syntax address discontinuities. The concept of movement is controversial; it is associated with so-called transformational or derivational theories of syntax (e.g. transformational grammar, government and binding theory, minimalist program).

Also Know, what is a syntax question? Syntax” refers to how words and phrases are put together in sentences. Much like the words-in-context questions in the Reading portion of the test, syntax questions present you, the test-taker, with options to replace a small portion of a sentence, usually a word or two.

Consequently, what is trace in syntax?

In transformational grammar, a trace is an empty (phonologically null) category that occupies a position in the syntactic structure. In some theories of syntax, traces are used in the account of constructions such as wh-movement and passive. Traces are important theoretical devices in some approaches to syntax.

What are some WH words?

Wh- Ever Words These include: whoever, whichever, wherever, whenever, and however.

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