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What is Wallingford CT known for?

Today, Wallingford is known for its diverse commercial and industrial base—ranging from technology companies to heavy manufacturing. Wallingford was also the childhood home of World War I flying ace Raoul Lufbery.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is there to do in Wallingford CT?

Let's explore the best things to do in Wallingford:

  • Gouveia Vineyards. Source: Gouveia Vineyards / facebook.
  • Toyota Oakdale Theatre. Source: Oakdale Theatre / facebook.
  • Paradise Hills Vineyard.
  • Farmer Joe's Gardens.
  • New England Cider Company.
  • Quinnipiac Linear Trail.
  • Mattabesett Trail.
  • Nehemiah Royce House.

Additionally, what does Wallingford mean? Early Origins of the Wallingford family Wallingford is a market town and civil parish which dates back to Saxon times when it was first recorded as Welingaforda c. The place name literally means "ford of a man called Wealh," from the Old English personal name + "inga" + "ford."

Also to know, is Wallingford CT Safe?

Wallingford is a friendly town with a safe, family-friendly environment. Wallingford is an average town.

When was Wallingford CT founded?

Charles Henry Stanley Davis, History of Wallingford, Conn., from Its Settlement in 1670 to the Present Time, Including Meriden, which was One of Its Parishes until 1806, and Cheshire, which was Incorporated in 1780. Meriden, CT: Charles Henry Stanley Davis, 1870.

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