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What is void and voidable marriage?

Void marriages are distinct from those marriages that can be canceled at the option of one of the parties, but otherwise remain valid. Such a marriage is voidable, meaning that it is subject to cancellation through annulment if contested in court.

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Consequently, what is difference between void and voidable marriage?

Differences Between Void and Voidable Marriages A void marriage is one that is invalid from the very beginning. As void marriages are considered unlawful in themselves, they do not need any formalities to be terminated. On the other hand, a voidable marriage is one that is flawed in its validity but continues to exist.

Additionally, what is the difference between void and voidable? The difference between void and voidable contracts Is that a void contract is illegal and unenforceable while a voidable contract is legal and the parties can enforce it. A void contract is invalid or entirely against the law, so no one involved can say it's enforceable under the law.

In this regard, what does voidable marriage mean?

A voidable marriage (also called an avoidable marriage) is a marriage that can be canceled at the option of one of the parties through annulment. The marriage is valid but is subject to cancellation if contested in court by one of the parties to the marriage.

What does voidable mean?

In contracts, voidable is a term typically used with respect to a contract that is valid and binding unless avoided or declared void by a party to the contract who is legitimately exercising a power to avoid the contractual obligations.

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