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What is value of perpetuity?

Perpetuity is a perpetual annuity, it is a series of equal infinite cash flows that occur at the end of each period and there is equal interval of time between the cash flows. Present value of a perpetuity equals the periodic cash flow divided by the interest rate.

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Correspondingly, what is an example of a perpetuity?

Although a perpetuity is somewhat theoretical (can anything really last forever?), classic examples include businesses, real estate, and certain types of bonds. One of the examples of a perpetuity is the UK's government bond, known as a Consol.

Likewise, what is level perpetuity? Level perpetuity in which the payments are constant over time. Present Value of a Level Perpetuity PV = the present value of a level perpetuity PMT = the constant dollar amount provided by the perpetuity i = the interest (or discount) rate per period.

Also know, what is the future value of a perpetuity?

There is no end date, so there is no future value formula. To find the FV of a perpetuity would require setting a number of periods which would mean that the perpetuity up to that point can be treated as an ordinary annuity. There is, however, a PV formula for perpetuities.

How do you calculate the terminal value of a perpetuity?

Perpetuity Growth Model , where the discount rate is correspondingly the weighted average cost of capital. To determine the present value of the terminal value, one must discount its value at T0 by a factor equal to the number of years included in the initial projection period.

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